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Uuups - travelling by boat?

You feel different? Seasick?
No, don’t worry; in the summer the sea is much calmer than in winter.
Starting from the harbour of Kissamos you can spend a nice time on a tour by boat. Some ships - starting at different times each day - go to the island Gramvoussa and the pirate bay Balos, also titled The Blue Lagoon or a bit less romantic The Pan Of Balos, because its shade looks like that and the water is flat and therefore wonderful warm to relax body and soul.

Trips - Gramvoussa – Balos - general:
The big harbour of Kissamos-Kastelli (named Kavonissi) is located exactly between Kissamos and Kaliviani. From there each day starts one or more (depending on season) pleasure steamer to the island of Gramvoussa with its Venetian fortress. Here the ships make a stop to give you the possibility to visit the fortress, 137 m above sea level. Discover the walls, rooms and what’s around and also the view from above is fantastic. Who’s not good on foot can stay at the beach and have a bath. On board of the pleasure steameone of the pleasure steamerr there will be offered a fresh cooked meal (price not included by tickets). Afterwards the ship drives for about 15 min. to Balos, the pirate island or blue lagoon and let you go to the beach. Now feel free to explore the nature on your own or let go, lying lazy in warm emerald green shining water. At the beach is a little canteen for something to eat or drink in between. Also the ships offer service in lounge and bar all over. In the evening the tour goes back to the port Kavonissi in Kissamos.

Exactly starting times for 2007 and tour:
The first ship “GRAMVOUSSA” starts 10:15 am like description (look above) first to the island Gramvoussa and its Venetian fortress and after an optional meal next to the blue lagoon of Balos. The trips end about 18:00 pm at the port of Kavonissi, Kissamos.

The second ship “GRAMVOUSSA-EXPRESS” also starts at 10:15 am, but goes first to the blue lagoon of Balos and then (after an optional meal) goes to the Venetian fortress. Like the first ship it will be back in the harbour of Kissamos about 18:00 pm.

The third ship “PORTO GRAMVOUSSA” runs only in high season July and August. This tour started at 12:30 midday and ends about 19:45 pm. It will first go to Gramvoussa to let you explore the Venetian fortress and then takes you to Balos; the pirate bay to let you spent unforgettable time at the beach.

The tickets in 2007 for babies and small children up to 2 years is free, 3 years up to 12 years its half the price, 11 €. From 13 years on the price is 22 €. I have asked about these prices in Mai 2007 but no responsibility is accepted for the correctness of this information. I whish you a lot of fun! Because probably I won’t have enough time this year to make the trip on my own I will be happy to let me know about your comments and experiences. I will consider them here at the page.


slides: Kissamos fischer harbour

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