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Culture - general
noisy things for the youngster

Every day live: Cretes loves noises! It starts with the kids, never tiered to shout loud “bruuuummm-bruumm-bruuuuummmmmmm” driving their bicycles on the roads to make them harmfull. This nerv killing persistent game goes on for 2 or 3 years until the little boy got´s a moped - don´t mind he´s still too young for it. And then noise became new dimentions! Little darling-pest becames a mechanic. The exhaust will be changed - now noise is indescribable WOW and now have a look: No human thinks about morning - nevertheless everyone got´s a shock when the´re passing by, but no comments, they suffer by knowledge: One day his horror will stop. It´s an amazing tolerance!

Different but noisy too, the traditional music. In fact, Kissamos runs a tv-station for local happenings and one camera watches motionless the most 2 or 3 men bands. Mostly no proper soundcheck but they love to use heavy current - if available. Big loudspeakers, volume controll up to the end - don´t mind how it sounds. Cretes love it. Not everyone of course, but you take ear plugs to have a sleep. You suffer and wait for better times.

Very nice, i really like them, are the open air disco-bars. Here you can dance right under the open sky in fresh air and you´ll meet nice people. Complete families from young to old, here they come together and music is played from Rock to Pop, sometimes with nice interruptions of crete music - creating an unforgetable disco-atmosphere

12 pictures from different churches.



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