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rocks and sea

Beaches - general

Crystal clear water - nice and good, but surely you don’t want to watch it only from a saf distance on top of a rocky coastline?
In the north-west of Crete, happily there are a lot of accessible beaches - for every different taste and so individual like the whole island.

  • Flat and the water slowly gets deeper beaches - ideal for children and older people
  • Long beaches - good for jogging
  • An archaeological beach - Minoan harbour and quarry
  • Rocky snorkel-beaches - for your under-water-photos
  • Stone/sand mixed beaches - to discover

    And the best of all: many of them you can reach from Kaliviani by foot and others are only some minutes by car (10 to 30 minutes) away.

    If you plan a whole day trip, there are even more dream-beaches in the south. About 60 minutes driving time.

And before I forget it: Whateaver you do, please promise me to have fun with it!
Many people like to collect shells at the beach, so do I. Just found a very nice website for more information about shells in the Mediterranean sea under My favorite shells look here.


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