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Restaurants and canteens nearby Kaliviani


Plakures - restaurant and hotelPlakures restaurant
From Kaliviani it’s about 20 min far away by car. We drive in direction towards Falasarna nearly down to the end (direction archaeological beach, right hand looking at the sea) and we search for the sign “Plakures”. There we are.
The restaurant is included in a hotel place but open for everyone. The menu starts from very delicious and various starters up to exquisite main courses.
I like very much some of the starters and for me it’s enough for a whole dinner, with a glass of wine of course - here served in elegant wine glasses. Who wants to spend a bit more money - honestly - here it’s worth it. Selected wines are offered. In the evening you can watch the sun slowly sinking into the calm sea.
The friendly service pays attention to you and speaks also English.

Sunsunset restaurantset – tavern and rooms
At the end of the way down to Falasarna where asphalt stops is a big parking place. Here is a nice tavern with view all over the sea. The atmosphere is relaxed and simple; a bit charm like university refectory (pushing a tablet along a showcase) but the food is excellent good plain cooking. Tourists of all over the world sit together under a big fig tree. A scale and a garlic-plaid hang at the tree. Same like the owner of Plakures-restaurant, here the people are nice with animals!sitting under a fig tree

Katherinas restaurantKorakas (The Raven) from Katherina – tavern in Kissamos
Located at the promenade at the sea at the very right hand (looking toward the sea). A young lady called Katherina runs it. Open all year long, in winter nice heated (you don’t find that everywhere!). Sitting under a big tamarisk beside the sea, a bit separated from the trouble around the promenade. Here you find traditional and tasty food. Try the beetroot! The offer independence on the season.

Mourakis – restaurant on top of FalasarnaMourakis restaurant
This restaurant is located at the highest point, before the street goes down to Falasarna. The restaurant has places sheltered from wind with a great view all over the olive grows and greenhouses for tomatoes up to the peninsula of Grambousa and the sea. Mourakis makes the best “Paidakia” I have ever eaten. Recommendation! Paidakia are small lamb rips to nibble. Better use your hands than try with knife and fork. Available also per kilo for more people together. Mourakis also runs the typical Greece beer “Mythos”, here fresh draught beer! – served in ice cooled glasses.

Oasis restaurantOasis - italian-greek kitchen in Sougia (end of Irini gorge)

Since June 2007 under new crew (Sergio and Katerina Galani). They talking greek, english and italian.

Open from 7:30 until 12:00 .
17:00 until 20:00 Uhr cloosed and
20:00 until late night again open.
Saison from April to September.
Telefone:  0030 (für Griechenland) 28230 51377


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