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Kaliviani - residents
Kaliviani is a little old village with original and also restored houses. Once all the houses where connected together so the people could flee into the caves in the mountains behind. Still now you can see some of the old arcades in the houses.

Nowadays Kaliviani has about 300 residents living here year round. In the summertime come the grown up children from Chania or Athens to spend their holidays together with their parents. Also there are some strangers living here all year long, coming from Italy, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Albania, Switzerland, Holland, England and Germany, mixing up the village with their own culture in a friendly way.

wine leafThe right mix among the nations - also the right mix among the generations is necessary for a good and healthy village. We do have a lot of old people - very important for the spirit, but we do have also a lot of young families and their babies, small and bigger children. The youngster will stay here helping their parents or go to Athens to study at the university.



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