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cultural - The raising of the cross Kreuzerhebung
This orthodox holiday celebrate the raising of the find again cross. The holiday is always at the 14th of September. Many believers now do a day of fasting to join into this celebration. But what really happened once ago?

It came to pass 326 that the mother of the ruler of Constantinople named St. Eleni on Crete (same like St. Helena) starts a journey to Jerusalem to find the lost cross of Christ. As she reached Jerusalem she was welcome by the patriarch Makarios who supports her search. First St. Eleni questioned the Jews about the cross, but she got no information. However she was sent to Judas, son of an old Prophet, who took her to a hill. There was a Venus-temple. Underneath, so a legend said, is hidden the cross of Christ. At this place, St. Eleni give the order to dig, protected from Makarios, who blessed this place himself with fragrance.

Easternmost of the Venus temple they found the Grave of Christ, the place called Golgota and the three crosses together with the nails. But which one of them belongs to Christ? One after the other the crosses where placed near a deceased. The third cross brought the body back to live and so this is the live-giving cross of Jesus Christ.

The people came together and it was a big wrangling to see the cross at the ground, to go and see this miracle. Therefore the big and heavy cross was raised up by the patriarch Makarios so everyone could see it.
Since than the research of the Holy Cross is celebrated at the 14th of September in the orthodox churches.


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