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shop, House Of Art
Workshops - House Of ArtManoli working

Only 2 km far away from Kissamos-Kastelli you can drive to the village Kaloudiana. Exactly at the main cross (a T-cross indeed) in opposite of an old big plane tree (with a kafenio behind it) is the art and exhibition shop from Manolis Tsouris. And this man it’s really worth it to visit him. 5 years ago his life was similar to the live of all olive-farmers here until to one significant morning he woke up different. He felt, that he has to work a stone. The result was amazing also to himself and he felt a power inside of him, which wanted to be expressed by him. Soon later he started experiments witch marble, granite and olive wood and he worked cboawlharacteristics out he saw in the material. It was creative power that made him do it and he tries a lot of methods to work with materials and discovers their different results. As I saw him again in spring 2007 I have been overwhelmed by his creativity. With enthusiasm he shows me his new works and they express more depth than ever before. In a very sensuous way Manoli works out of every piece of olive wood its own and individual beauty. It is an event for the senses.
sculpture and big boawl

Beautiful flowing-formed bowls and dishes in each size, objects with carve out faces, pattern and emerge grains are not only pleasure for the eyes but also for the sense of touch. Again Manolis asked me to touch the things and feel them. Among of them are really flattepierced little stonesring pieces – olive wood with silky objects made of stonesurface. Other objects seem to simulate very gentle lifelike skin. Engraved pattern where you don’t expect them and the weight of the wood surprised again and again. But even not enough – the polish of the surfaces are done with his self made wax, some of the objects get also a delicate scent. Other objet d’art also you can hear. A bust of an American Indian sounds like a xylophone when you stroke softly over his head and  - placed outside, the wind will cause nice harmonies, explained Manolis. Unfortunately it was a totally calm day.

object made of stoneReally – it’s worth it to come past to Manolis work shop and to meet him personally. He offers objects and useful things for every one’s purse – starting from some euros up to some expensive objects. Anyway, they are all precious. Oh, wait a minute, did I already told you that Manolis now work with pips, seeds and stones? Frome olive stone up to cherry stone – each of them he pierces and cut something onto it. Huge baskets full of little stones – it’s really incredible what a power comes out of him. For sure, I will visit him each year ones to see his new art and get some gifts for my family.

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