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Work shop – Olive products – furniture and bowlsthe sign
the work shop place

Kosta shapes the chopping boardsIn the little souvenir shops all over Crete you can find small objects made of olive wood. Very common are turn wood for corkscrews, hairclips or bangles also like chopping boards, small bowls for peanuts or bigger ones for salad – each of them an unique specimen - its wild grain always different.

Niko at the wood turnerThese nice things don’t came from Far Eastern cheep made (to be aware too late many times after coming back from holidays) but from a small work shop here in west of Crete. At the works premises, a bit hidden right side at the main road between Kissamos and Kaliviani is also now (since 2007) a small shop for souvenirs and gifts. Some years they run already a shop in Kissamos. At the work shop you can go and see for yourself how the products are produced – each one cut, shape, turn and grind by hand and simple machines with great care.working process

At my last visit I saw in the shops some products made from other producers ngrind by handot similar with the offers from the olive wood company and therefore easy to make out, because not made out of olive wood. So if you attach importance to get a real Cretan made product, ask for it! Also soon you will have an eye for olive wood with its unmistakeable grain and colour. Still all things made out of olive wood come from this manufacture.


…and here is the website of them:


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