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Kaliviani - trips with mobile - Beaches - Balos
dirt road by car

Lauren Talbot “summertime” - I love it!

chapell at the way to BalosTo go to Balos, you should plan a hole day for it. The way looks the same nice than the destination. A car 4by4 wheel is the best but a normal jeep is fine too. If you have rent one of this small cars be careful with the sump - the dirt road is difficult Balos, gorgeous viewand full of big stones. In each case take sun protection or an umbrella with you. There are no sun beds to rent.


So the trip starts in Kaliviani at the church. Just follow that asphalt road. When we have passed the Balos-Hotel the asphalt stops and turns into dirt road. Now we leave any kind of civilization behind us. The road goes uphill with a famous view all over the Gulf of Kissamos. Anyway, make a stop at the chapel and drink from the fresh spring water nearby. For sure there are also some goats hanging around. Here you have made about half the way to Balos. On its end near the big parking place Babis had made his own canteen. Every summer he is fixing the roof with new palm leaves and maybe you’ll ask yourself “How in heavens name he got the boat up to here?”


Have you got all your bits and pieces together? Don’t forget anything, because now we take a little footpath hundreds of natural steps down to the blue Laguna of Balos. We enjoy the spectacular view while having a stop to take a deep breath. After 10 minutes we are down there. Discover this unique nature protected aerial. In the wonderful, flat and warm water you can look for mussels.

A canteen sells cold drinks or a warm meal and, thanks heaven, there is also a WC. Maybe you find the little huts hidden under some small trees. The locals have built them out of driftwood and they use them to forget the ordinary weekday.


Balos - canteen:   “The two Babides“April 2007 003

April 2007 004At the highest point of the road to Balos and its blue Laguna this canteen is opened all over summer. Here you can have a traditional Tsirkoudja (Raki) or juice and salads. Ask for pickled olives, they fit perfectly with a glass of Ouzo. Sure you deserve it now either neither after the long track coming up to here by car nor after coming uphill back from the beach by foot.

In each case, its worth to stop here for refreshment because the view is nice and the prices are fair too.

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