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Beaches - by foot - FallasarnaFalasarnaPa and Käte
20 min per car far away from Kaliviani along the west coast is one of the three best beaches of Greece named Fallasarna. Kilometres of sandy beach animates for relaxing also than jogging. Segment with sun beds alternate with free beach space. Here and there is a canteen offering cold beer or ice-cream and also salads and tasty sandwiches - little joys, what you might need in between. My most loved canteen is located very left hand (looking towards the sea) the first bench of all the “big beach” signs at the main road. A young woman called Amalia is running it. I like her because she is tough - growing up among a lot of brothers. The Tape-recorder plays good the big indian rockold rock music - a pleasure to hear tby the canteen of Amaliahat on the beach! - and sometimes also reggae, but more than one song makes me headache.

The sea is protected left hand with some rocks so this place is also good for families with small children because you can watch them easier.

But if you just follow the main road a little bit further until the asphalt stops, you reach a big parking place. There in “Sunset” tavern you can have a nice meal while having an amazing view all over the seaarcheological beach. A small way goes down to the beach with sun beds. Some big rocks have separated a part of the sea. Here the water is calm and flat and is suitable excellent for smaller children for splashing. Will you walk a little bit further; you reach the old archeological beach. In older times it was a Minoan harbour area. Here you shouldn’t find sun beds because it is old towernature protected but sometimes ... some people don’t care. Take with you high sun protection anyway. At this place also snorkelling is great! You will find here nice caves too. In the background you still can see the old quarry.



Some people like surfing. Falasarna became one of the top places for surfing on crete. Here you can see the conditions of wind and temerature.


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