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beaches - mobile - Sfinarion the way towards Sfinari
way to Sfinari
Starting from Kaliviani through its olive grows we will reach after 2 km the main road. Turning right into direction Platanos, Falasarna we follow the wonderful road along the coast, but in 200 m height and therefore a spectacular view all time long. Sometimes the road is a bit tight because of the rocks so drive careful and be aware of oncoming traffic. The gorgeous view from above all over the sea mostly is not cut by crash barriers and maybe it takes a bit of time to get used to it.

Sfinari, part of the beachAfter 25 min driving time along the west coast we reach the small village Sfinari where we turn right to drive in 3 min down to the beach. But drive slowly, at the beginning waits a nasty hollow. Passing a field of flowering oleander bushes we are at the sea and the stone/sand beach, left hand mark of rocks. On very windy days here you can find high waves in correlation of the wind direction but in summertime here you can have mostly a wonderful with a great view onto the undeveloped mountain with its wild rocks in the background.

nice taverns at the seasideTaverns down there offer some sun beds but better don’t count on it and take your own sun protection with you. Also there is a sweet water shower to clean your hair from salt water after having a swim – another friendly offer to you from the taverns.

It’s very nice to sit outside in one of thebomb of the 2nd world war taverns nearby the sea under a tamarisk tree on a little blue table with a simple but tasty salad or a proper meal. I like to sit there in the shade and drinking a small strong Greek coffee while reading in a book. The atmosphere is friendly and familiar and not overcrowded. An ideal place for individuals as well as families. Also you can find there two little and free camping places – offered by the taverns in hope to get some more customers. Here in Sfinari you can really meet nice people and having fun together.

 Crete – also an island full of opposites. Still alive a lot of eye-witnesses from 2nd world war on this island but – the friendliness towards foreigner of the Cretan people are legendary. One of the hosts, or was it a fisherman, once found an old sea bomb from the 2nd world war and now you can discover that gruesome thing there. This balls, trimmed with sensors where anchored two meters under sea level. If a ship knocked it, the detonator exploded and with it the ship.

goatsMoments of sorrow and joy, on Crete it’s always nearby so let’s drink to peace (stin eirini !) next time when we are in nice company.

Going back to Kaliviani try to have still enough light to watch the mountains and the sea. It is really sensational how light changes in the very afternoon all along the west coast. Even the goats seem to know that because they hang around in groups in the middle of the road to stroll slowly towards the feeding places. I have met them at 17:30 pm. To see the sunset it’s little early, so why don’t you wait for it? It can be so wonderful, here at the west coast.

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