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Seasons - Summertime
that was a nice cool frapeeIt starts after the last storm coming from Africa, red and dusty - and hot like a hair drier. The last days of spring - you feel that summer is coming and you put out your sun chairs and plastic tables - to early! Suddenly heaven is clouding over, light changes into red and the last rain before summer starts. Everything outside its painted red: just whiten houses, just cleaned cars, the verandas - everything had to be cleaned again next day when the weather smiles again like nothing has happened.

Now it’s true: summer is here with guaranteed sunshine until September. No parties fall flat. The heat is nice and pleasant because there is always light wind and in the evening it cools off so the body can recocrickets?ver. People sitting outside all night long - everywhere lust for live. Sound of cicadas during the day take turns with another team of insects (crickets? - I don’t know) all night long.

Air smells like dried grass and only the Makkia seems to stand that all. Gardens and plants needs water every evening and women sweep sweep sweep but it’s a never ending job. It makes sense to use plastic wrap for PC-keyboards or remote controls to protect them from dust.

In summer i like the most an ice cold frappe to refresh my mind.


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